Why Use LED Lighting?

Good quality LED light fittings produce beautiful quality light; all of the fittings shown in these Brilliant Lighting project photos are LED.

Good quality LED fittings are energy efficient and very long lasting, significantly reducing maintenance issues. They may be more expensive to buy but they are a lot cheaper to run than halogen or other incandescent sources.  There is continued regulatory pressure on less efficient sources making LED an essential light source for new builds or renovations that require building control.  However, not all LEDs are created equal.  This section of the site is designed to help you understand what you should be looking for in your LED lighting. 

Using high quality LED lights is essential if you want to make the most of your lighting design.

To help people choose the best LED lights for their own project we've developed a series of articles that look at the specifics of this rapidly changing technology.  So have a browse; look at what can be done and download the Lighting Buyer's Technical Reference Guide - it's a free download, no registration required.

Download The Lighting Buyer's Technical Reference Guide

A primer to specifying and designing with LED lighting