Lighting Children's Rooms - a Houzz ideabook

Lighting for Children’s Rooms; a new Houzz ideabook

We’ve had a new ideabook featured on Houzz.  This ideabook looks at lighting for children’s rooms.  It’s hard enough designing for rooms where you’re not sure how the room is going to be used.  It’s even more difficult designing for someone else and someone whose tastes are going to change rapidly as they grow up.  The […]

Lighting a 15th Century Barn

Barn Lighting; a new Houzz ideabook

Our latest Houzz ideabook looks at the challenges encountered when lighting barns.  Barns can be wonderful old spaces; they can also be extremely tricky spaces to light with very high ceilings, low ceilings and limited fixing points.  They are frequently listed and this can bring further complication.  The Houzz ideabook looks at barn lighting solutions […]

Houzz Outdoor Lighting Article

Magical Outdoor Lighting

We’ve just had our latest Houzz ideabook published.  It’s a look at some great outdoor lighting ideas from different designers including Brilliant Lighting.  Keep an eye out for the fantastic Mad Hatter’s Teaparty design.  It’s utterly brilliant and great fun.